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Winning National Fellowship Personal Statements

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Every year thousands of qualified students apply for national fellowships, scholarships, and prizes (Rhodes, Mitchell, Marshall, Fulbright, Schwarzman, Gates Cambridge, Luce, Rotary, Rangel, Watson, etc.). I'm YJ (Yongjun) Heo, and I was awarded three national fellowships (Fulbright, Luce Scholars Program, and George Mitchell Scholarship). I have advised dozens of national fellowship winners, including my younger brother, who was a Schwarzman Scholar. Over the last decade, hundreds of college students and recent graduates have asked me for resources to help them apply. This package includes one of the most important elements of a successful application to any program: winning personal statements. I will soon be uploading secondary documentation, which includes comprehensive video reviews, communications guidance, model recommendations, and other important templates–all of the other content I generally share–as a separate product. You can find more resources at

Personal Statement Reviews (free, but limited availability)

While this is not guaranteed due to high demand and limited availability, I try to review edited personal statements via voice memo (first come first served). I review your essay 'live'–generally line-by-line–and I identify what you can do to improve your essays. Please review the specific directions in the final paragraph within your purchase to ensure that I don't overlook your email. Again, this is limited and based on my availability (the sooner you share your content with me the better).

*disclaimer: I'm a designer-entrepreneur who also runs MWDL, a web design and product development company ( MWDL built and manages the George Mitchell Scholarship application system. I do not assess, select, or weigh in on any application. This documentation or any advice that I offer does not guarantee your winning a national fellowship. However, I believe that the mere act of going through the process will help you develop a plan for the next steps in your life, which can ultimately be helpful.

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Winning personal statements and key insights for national fellowships (e.g. Schwarzman Scholars, Rhodes Scholarship, Fulbright Scholar, Luce Scholars Program, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, etc.)

Schwarzman Essay
Schwarzman Essay (Annotated)
Luce Essay
Luce Essay (Annotated)
Fulbright Personal Statement
Fulbright Personal Statement (Annotated)
Fulbright Statement of Grant Purpose
Fulbright Statement of Grant Purpose (Annotated)
Mitchell Statement
Mitchell Statement (Annotated)
Personal Statement Review (Limited Availability)


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Winning National Fellowship Personal Statements

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